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Weir Bridge to Close

Weir Bridge to Close

Weir Bridge to close for good tomorrow

The Weir Bridge in Yarrawonga will be closed from tomorrow because of prolonged safety concerns.

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This will leave the border community of Yarrawonga and Mulwala with one crossing over the Murray River.

While the Weir Bridge has needed to close in the past, this time the bridge is not going to be reopened.

“The new bridge is still in the development process and although community consultation has agreed on both sides that the green route is the preferred route government is still slow in the uptake of trying to get this consultation right,” said State Member for Ovens Valley Tim McCurdy.

Mr McCurdy says that the real impact from this discussion will be seen as summer comes and COVID-19 restrictions lift.

“Obviously during COVID-19 times with the reduction in traffic between Yarrawonga and Mulwala one could say the bridge has limited usage but as the summer comes on and visitors flock back to the area, the second bridge crossing plays an important role for regular traffic, but more importantly for heavy traffic.”

Mr McCurdy has asked both the Murray Darling Basin Authority who manages the bridge as well as the Minister for Roads if anything can be done to help support the border community.

“If it needs to close for safety aspects then we understand that but it appears we could get a few more years out of the Weir Bridge and moving traffic from one side to the other if it’s not heavy vehicles,” said Mr McCurdy.

Photo: aussietowns

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