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Wendy Lovell

Wendy Lovell

Country Victoria’s economic recovery needs a more tailored response, says MP.

Premier Daniel Andrews continues to defend his COVID pathway for regional Victoria as Opposition criticism continues.

He says it is necessary to ensure the virus does not unexpectedly get away from us - but a downward trend in figures bodes well for a further easing of restrictions.

A more tailored response is needed by the Andrews Government, according to the member for Northern Victoria Wendy Lovell to bring regional Victoria out of the COVID Lockdown.

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Under the current Stage 3 restrictions, country people still can only have ten people at a funeral or five people at a wedding. Only single people can have a social visitor who has to be a “nominated person.”

Travel within Victoria is not allowed, personal services, such as indoor personal training and beauty services, are not allowed. Sport is not allowed, schools are shut. Restaurants are take-away only.

Under the Government’s plan for the “Last Step”, the economy and communities begin to function again. Schools are open and so are adult education and universities. Indoor and outdoor dining is allowed subject to density rules. People can visit each other at home. Sport will return.

Gyms and personal training inside is allowed. Funerals and weddings can have more attendees. Churches, mosques and temples reopen for services. Travel and accommodation are permitted.

Wendy Lovell says Daniel Andrews' city-centric plan consigns all country Victorians to the remainder bin.

"It’s time he delivered a plan to protect our COVID-free communities and let them reopen area
by area instead of lumping everyone together.

“Most Northern Victorian LGA’s haven’t seen a new case for at least 14 days. We need to
reopen restaurants, small businesses such as personal trainers, personal services and
shuttered shops."

“It’s time for Daniel Andrews to treat regional Victorians as more than one undifferentiated
mass. What’s right for Tallangatta, Corryong and Whycheproof, where there’s never been a
case or the 18 LGA’s that include Benalla, Mildura, Wangaratta, Swan Hill and Wodonga
where there hasn’t been a case for over two weeks is different to Colac where there are still
new cases occurring."

“It’s time to let regional Victorians with no new COVID cases for 14 days live again.”

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