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Crowds Welcome At Winton

Crowds Welcome At Winton

Fans Welcome at Supercars Test

Winton Motor Raceway has announced that motorsport fans are permitted to attend the Supercars Super Test in a few weeks’ time.

General Manager Jeff Grech says it’s welcome news for local race fans who missed out on seeing Supercars at the venue last year when the race weekend was cancelled due to COVID restrictions.

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“We’ve got the Supercar test here on the 16 th of February and we’re allowed to have spectators come in at the top end of the circuit and have a view of the cars during the day,” Jeff told Kylie and Kev.

“The Supercar fraternity will be quarantined down in the national pit, so there’ll be no visitation there, but we’re a big enough property that people can stand around up the top here and view the cars.”

To track numbers and cover costs, a small fee will be charged on the day.

“There will be a slight fee for the day, because we’ve got to have security to do this so there’s a few costs to Winton, so there will be a gate charge coming in of $10,” Jeff said.

Full details on how to enter are available on the event section of their website:

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